UP Writers Club expresses its disappointment with the recently approved motion to change the current General Education (GE) Program.

As students and writers of the University of the Philippines Diliman, Writers Club actively seeks to represent and develop voices and discourses and to explore various manifestations of writing that are possible within our country, a goal that the GE reform impedes in various ways.

As writers and critics, we stand by the belief that this GE reform discourages the development of critical thinking honed through the holistic, humanistic education that this exact program provides. It is the systematic inhibition of creative and critical faculties that we are staunchly against, for the times demand more inclusive and comprehensive ways of thinking. Rather than cutting down on educational resources, which favors specific privileged sectors at the expense of historically marginalized groups, supporting an interdisciplinary mode of study that will allow for more radical, innovative ways of confronting the issues we face in society.

The decision to reduce the number of required GE units from 45 to 21 highlights a fundamental shortsightedness in the current approach to education in the University: the gap between various academic fields that are meant to work together and the public that they are meant to serve continues to grow further. As students, we believe the move to streamline and specialize certain programs to be symptomatic of an exploitative paradigm that reduces graduates to labor commodities for the global market, ignoring their need for development that is grounded in sound principles by which to engage with the world outside the University campus.

UP Writers Club calls on all UP sectors to resist and voice out their concerns. We urge everyone to participate in the mobilizations in the coming days and work together to block the reduction of GE units. The proposed GE reform spits in the face of our ideals as UP students and threatens to overturn the tradition of honor and excellence that we take pride in.